University City


Just west of Center City, you'll find University City. Bordered by Market St. to the north, 30th Street to the east, University Ave. to the south and 38th St. on the west, the area has a youthful vibe. It's a pedestrian-friendly location with cultural and artistic pursuits thanks to chic clubs, high-end art galleries and some of the top ranked restaurants in the country. And if you love sports, you can head out for a Penn football game at Franklin Field.


Although it’s the 'college town' section, it really is much more than a place for ‘kids'. There are also several medical institutions and independent centers of scientific research. While it's true you’ll find a number of ‘twenty-somethings’ thanks to nearby University of Pennsylvania, Drexel University and the University of the Sciences, there are people of all ages here. It’s got restaurants, cafe's and pubs, as well as a wide variety of food trucks. Each features a different cuisines catering to everyone from cheesesteak meat lovers to sprout loving vegans. Of course, if you want to cook up a dish at home, you might find something at the Farmer’s Market you can take home.


University City housing mainly consist of ‘narrow’ homes like traditional row homes, townhomes, duplexes, triplexes and condos. Still, although the homes might be narrow, they provide quite a bit a living space, on average, since most locations are two and three stories tall.  There are larger sized homes within walking distance to amenities like Drexel University, University of Penn, Penn Medical Center, Vidas Field and Athletic Complex and six parks, including popular Saunders Park. What’s rather distinctive about these houses is the multitude of styles. While some areas of Philly have mostly ‘traditional brownstones’, in University City you can find quite a variation. The three most popular home styles are Victorian, Contemporary and Colonial. Real estate in West Philadelphia isn’t just about residential places though. If you’re an investor or entrepreneur, there’s good news. You’ll discover quite a few investment opportunities and commercial real estate here as well.


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