Olde Kensington History


As you expect with much of Philadelphia, the history of Olde Kensington goes back to the 1600s and its British settlers. However, it wasn't until the early 1700s that the area around colonial Philadelphia got its name. Anthony Palmer, a Provincial Councilor of Pennsylvania, bought the area outside colonial Philly and called it Kensington after England's Kensington Palace. Eventually Palmer divided his land into smaller lots and leased them to a number of people who worked in the shipping industry. Many of them were shipwrights, of English and Welsh descent, however German immigrants did begin to enter the area during that century.


In decades that followed, ‘Olde’ Kensington (which bordered ‘Fishtown’) continued to be a place for people who work with their hands. It's why you'll find a number of mills and industrial buildings. In fact, this trend continued until World War II. After the war, and decades since, industries began moving to other areas, leaving Olde Kensington. However, in recent years, out of this abandonment, has come a kind of resurgence. Today, more and more investors are taking Olde Kensington industrial buildings and redeveloping them into usable working and living space. That's why you'll find a number of homes for sale here that are condos and townhomes.


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