Why should anybody care about real estate sales being handled by professionals ?

Posted By Doug Gungor @ Jul 28th 2014 11:51am In: Self Help

Why should anybody care about real estate sales being handled by professionals ?

When it comes to money, people expectations and frustrations tend to become substantially inflated. Time management also becomes a major factor when buying, selling, investing or building real estate.

The ability to detach oneself from the situation enough to see the bigger picture without being so emotionally involved that it clouds your common judgment will always prevail.

Now, there is no doubt that real estate has an emotional value to it also, whether it is for a first time home buyer finally starting a chapter completely on their own or the daughter who is selling her recently deceased parents home in which she was raised with her five siblings, the seasoned real estate agent should be able to empathize while still balancing the goal of getting the job done with his/her clients expectations in mind (which may be provided by the agent since in some cases, the client will ask their agent for exactly what should be expected from the process)

One concept becomes a habit : underpromise and overdeliver.

Every real estate agent will not provide the professionalism which should be  standard. If there is anything a client has control of, it is to choose an agent they can develop a great relationship with right away, consisting of comfort and confidence. If that means interviewing 2,3 or 4 agents before picking the right one, then be it.

By speaking to expired listing owners and Fsbo’s consistently, one finds that the majority of the public tends to have one bad experience with one particular agent which was poorly selected to begin with, and therefore all agents are now worthless in their minds. This misconception will bring you great frustration when trying to do anything remotely productive in real estate.

Paperwork and making sure that what you sign is exactly what you think it is.  It will always be a great real estate agent’s goal to make sure that what you sign is exactly what you understand. Nothing good ever comes out of misunderstood signed paperwork. Being protected and recovering without a bruise in even the worst case scenario should something go wrong will be your agent’s goal. This is directly tied to knowing the most important steps of the process of a deal. There are certain rules and precise details for an inspection and the way it should be conducted, the ability to write up an offer which will appeal to the seller’s interest the most when you are a buyer and are in a multiple bid situation (this is happening quite a bit in the market which we are in now)

The experienced agent will know which details to focus on and make sure they are handled efficiently. Which inspections should be elected versus waived, the importance of the mortgage commitment letter date and how to proceed if it is not received in time. The appraisal process and the different options available to make the deal work if the appraised value does not match the price agreed upon between buyer and seller are just a few scenarios which will differentiate a great agent from a regular one.

Last but not least, settlement which ideally should go as smooth as butter and  is ultimately the result of all the above being handled right at each and every step.

So why should anybody care about real estate sales being handled by a professional ?

Well, the same reason why one would rather have a great job done faster with few speed bumps if any, than a mediocre one executed slower with constant hurdles.

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